40 Percent Of American Kids Think Hot Dogs Are Plants


Buckminster Fuller once said: “Every child is born a genius.”

We’re here today to disprove that quote. Buckminster Fuller was wrong. Buckminster Full is an idiot for even saying that.

And why? Because kids think hot dogs are PLANTS.

Yep. Forty percent of American kids think hot dogs and bacon are plants. And wait for this one… they also think french fries are a type of meat.

A study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, a team of psychologists challenged kids to categorize a range of foods, including cheese, french fries, bacon, popcorn, shrimp, almonds, and egg.

Here’s what they found:

    • 47 percent thought french fries came from animals.
    • 44 percent thought cheese was a plant.
    • 40 percent thought hot dogs and bacon are plants.
    • 38 percent thought CHICKEN nuggets are plants.

The team wrote:

“Most children in the United States eat animal products, but unlike adults who have built up an arsenal of strategies to justify the consumption of animals, children appear to be naïve meat eaters,” the team wrote in their discussion. “The current study suggests that children eat meat unknowingly, and perhaps in violation of a bias against animals as a food source. Childhood may therefore represent a unique window of opportunity during which lifelong plant-based diets can be more easily established compared to later in life.”

“Rather than manage the inconvenience of cooking several meal options or confront the emotions that may come with the revelation that the bacon on their child’s plate was once a living, breathing pig, some parents instead skirt the truth altogether through vague terminology that has potentially lasting impacts on children’s eating habits.”

Can we all agree to educate our children on what is meat and what is not? Thank you. Have a nice day.


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