50 Cent Warns Los Angeles is ‘Finished’


Rapper 50 Cent is expressing concern over the reinstatement of a controversial no-bail policy in Los Angeles, warning that the city is heading towards chaos.

Taking to Instagram, the iconic hip-hop artist, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, lamented the ongoing crime crisis in the City of Angels and predicted that it would worsen due to the recent judicial decision.

In his Instagram post, the 48-year-old rapper wrote, “LA is finished. Watch how bad it gets out there. SMH.”

Alongside the message, he shared a video segment discussing the ruling, which eliminates bail for individuals charged with misdemeanors or non-violent felonies, similar to the controversial reforms implemented in New York.

Initially introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown to alleviate pressure on overcrowded city jails, the no-bail policy allowed for the release of inmates already behind bars for offenses such as shoplifting, vandalism, and drug possession.

Although the policy expired in July 2022, Judge Lawrence Riff ruled in May that the cash bail system was unconstitutional and reinstated the order. However, according to KTTV, Riff had requested the presence of city prosecutors and law enforcement officials to argue in defense of the cash bail system, but none of them showed up.

In a subsequent post, 50 Cent addressed a media report that mentioned his stance on the issue and highlighted his past encounters with the law. He questioned why the report included his previous legal issues, stating, “Hey, I understand why Deadline is reporting my opinion. I’m a big deal, but why did they write I had run-ins with the law? I’m a born-again Christian!”

50 Cent rose to fame in the hip-hop industry with hits such as “How to Rob,” “I Get Money,” and “Candy Shop.” His concern over the reinstatement of the no-bail policy in Los Angeles reflects his unease about the potential consequences of such reforms on the city’s safety and security.


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