$500,000 golden Prime bottle destroyed after young boy guesses correct code


The $500,000 Golden Prime competition, hosted simultaneously in London and New York by Logan Paul and KSI, recently culminated in a surprising turn of events. The extravagant marketing stunt celebrated the sale of the billionth bottle of Prime, an energy drink popularised by the duo. Participants eagerly queued for hours to attempt cracking the six-digit code on a bulletproof case containing a glitzy gold replica of the beverage.

With the stakes high, the co-founders warned participants that they had only one guess to unlock the case. Failure to crack the code within 48 hours would result in the destruction of the solid gold bottle, ignited by torches inside the case.

As tensions mounted in both London and New York, the clock ticking down with no successful code entry, a moment of triumph emerged. A young boy, dressed in a Pinewood FC jersey in the UK capital, successfully entered the correct six-digit code. Confetti burst into the air, and cheers erupted as the code was unlocked, signalling victory for the Brits.

However, joy turned to dismay for Logan Paul in New York, as he realised the implications of the successful code entry. In a live stream, Logan expressed shock and disappointment, exclaiming, “They got it? No! That means ours is getting burned!” He subsequently shared footage of the gold bottle’s destruction by an extravagant torch system on his Instagram story.

The video depicted the half-melted gold bottle hovering above a vat of molten lava with a scorching temperature of 1,093°C before being dropped inside. Logan lamented the loss of $250,000 in material value, emphasising the instant destruction of the expensive gold bottle.

https://www.instagram.com/p/CzjvER7AD_u/?hl=en Meanwhile, KSI celebrated the victory in London, exclaiming, “It’s melting, the gold in New York is melting!” Contrary to initial concerns, a quarter of a million dollars did not actually go up in smoke. While the gold transformed into liquid form, retaining its material value, it lost its distinctive Prime bottle shape.

The fate of the liquid gold remains uncertain, but KSI and Logan’s Gold Stores in both cities served as the epicenter of this unique and extravagant challenge. The Golden Prime competition, with its unexpected twists, provided fans with an unforgettable spectacle, blending high stakes and marketing ingenuity.


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