65-Year-Old Vikings Coach Mike Zimmer Is Dating A Supermodel


The rumors are TRUE. 65-year-old Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has been dating a supermodel for some time, and it was blatantly obvious.

Zimmer and supermodel Katarina Miketin have been pictured together on a number of occasions, but neither of them have ever confirmed whether they’re dating or just good friends.

The guys at Egotastic Sports wanted to get an answer once and for all, so they slid into Miketin’s Instagram DMs, and asked her if it was true she is dating a ‘certain football coach’, and she said it was indeed true.

The Maxim cover model was photographed with Zimmer at dinner, and even went to see Vikings vs. Packers on Sunday.

Miketin was asked what she looks for in a partner:

“If I were to say what I am attracted to, I would say it is someone who is secure, extremely loyal, very driven and loves a healthy lifestyle.”

“My heart is big and is receptive – almost to a fault. He can surprise me with little things. I love flowers, I love when he helps me out and makes little gestures that make my life easier. If they take my dog to the vet or go grocery shopping for me, I am theirs! I hate grocery shopping.”

Zimmer’s wife, Vicki, died unexpectedly in 2009 of natural causes at the age of 50. So it’s good to see him find happiness again.


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