7ft Model Shares Bikini Photo That Shows Her 4ft Legs, Fans Think She Was Made By AI


Marie Temara, a controversial adult star claiming to be 7ft tall, set pulses racing with a captivating photo where she showcased her “4ft-long” legs in a skimpy leopard print bikini while at the beach. The 28-year-old model, hailing from Palm Beach, Florida, utilizes her towering height to her advantage, asserting that she earns up to £250,000 monthly by selling nude content on an adult platform. With 1.3 million followers on Instagram, Marie shared the alluring seaside snapshot that left fans in awe.

Marie Temara, lofty, model, 7ft, legs, 4ft, bikini, adult star

In the picture, the statuesque model confidently displayed her stunning physique, donning a tiny two-piece, leopard print swimsuit. As she leaned against a speedboat in the crystal clear ocean, fans couldn’t help but admire her remarkable “4ft” long and well-toned legs. The compliments poured in, with one admirer expressing admiration for her “beautiful legs.” Marie playfully captioned the post with a flirty line, “Built for speed. Wanna go for a ride?” This led to further reactions from followers who praised the seemingly endless length of her legs, with one commenting that they appeared to “go on for days.”


No love for the tall girls?? who likes 7 footers?! Asking for a friend… #tallgirl #dating #funny


Despite Marie’s claims of being 7ft tall on social media, some fans remain skeptical and have accused her of dishonesty. Upon closer examination, it was revealed that she actually stands at a still impressive 6ft 2ins, not the billed height of 7ft. Nonetheless, this discrepancy doesn’t seem to deter her dedicated following.

Marie Temara, lofty, model, 7ft, legs, 4ft, bikini, adult star

Having left her previous job in accountancy, Marie embraced the opportunity to become the self-styled “tallest model on OnlyFans,” confidently showcasing her figure to cater to a niche audience fascinated by gigantism or larger women.

While some may debate her actual height, there’s no denying that Marie’s elongated limbs generate significant interest across various social media platforms. Her alluring content and the enthusiasm of her fans keep her popularity soaring. In a recent tweet featuring a photo of her legs clad in lycra shorts, she playfully wrote, “Let me crush you with my thighs,” further fueling the intrigue surrounding her persona.

Marie Temara continues to captivate her online audience with her unique attributes, embracing her distinctive appearance to carve out a successful career in the world of adult content. Her boldness and confidence in embracing her physique resonate with her followers, making her an influential figure in her industry.


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