Actress Who Walked out of ‘Barbie’ Movie with Daughter, 10, Slams ‘Inappropriate’ Scenes

Juhi Parmar, an Indian actress, recently attended the new Barbie movie with her 10-year-old daughter, only to express her disappointment and concern about the film’s content through a detailed post on Instagram.
In her Barbie-themed post, Parmar addressed the creators of the movie, criticizing them for incorporating “PG-13” elements in the storyline, which she found inappropriate for young audiences.

She candidly admitted to her mistake of not researching the movie’s rating before taking her daughter to see it. Within the first 10 minutes of the film, she was taken aback by the use of inappropriate language and sexual connotations, prompting her to leave the theater. Parmar observed that other parents also followed suit, removing their crying children from the chaotic environment.

Parmar questioned the movie’s decision to include such content that contradicted Barbie’s iconic image and appealed to children. She wondered why there were no reminders or checks in theaters to inform parents about the movie’s rating. She believed that the branding and stereotypes associated with Barbie misled parents into thinking it was suitable for young children.

The actress expressed her disappointment with the movie’s promotional material, which failed to provide any indication of the inappropriate content. She questioned why the movie mislead parents when half the theater’s audience comprised young girls who influenced their parents to watch the film.

Parmar concluded her post by expressing her desire to retain the image of a picture-perfect Barbie for her child, without being exposed to the movie’s content. Her thoughts sparked a heated discussion in the comments section, with some criticizing her for missing the movie’s core message, which challenged stereotypes and misconceptions about Barbie.

Others pointed out that Parmar should have done her research beforehand and taken responsibility for her child’s movie choice. They argued that the movie had a clear PG-13 rating, making it her responsibility to check its appropriateness for her daughter.

Despite Parmar’s criticism, the Barbie movie has been a box office success, breaking records and generating substantial revenue. It is expected to earn around $95 million or more in its second week, with a projected global total reaching the impressive $1 billion mark.

In the end, while Parmar had her concerns, it appears that the movie resonated with a vast audience, contributing to its remarkable success at the box office.


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