AI Weather Presenter Makes Debut and People Won’t Stop Thirsting Over Her


In an odd development that should surprise no one, the debut of an AI presenter has ignited a wave of fascination, albeit with unsettling undertones, as people find themselves inexplicably drawn to the character…

Taiwanese network FTV recently introduced its first AI presenter, and the immediate response was thirsty…

Instead of focusing on the technological achievement, the online world embraced a more inappropriate and lustful approach.

During the broadcast, the AI character presented a comprehensive two-minute weather forecast, providing detailed updates on major cities worldwide. This virtual anchor, whose name remains a mystery despite over six months of development, possesses the capability to learn from previous broadcasts. This adaptive technology allows for continuous improvement in speech patterns, pauses, cadence, and overall presentation.

Reports indicate that AI television anchors are also in development in countries such as the United States, South Korea, and India, adding to the growing fascination with Taiwan’s AI presenter.

As soon as a video of the AI presenter was posted on Facebook, comments began pouring in, some of which were bizarre and unsettling.

Requests for its hand in marriage and declarations of affection flooded the comment section. One user even wrote, “She looks beautiful. I want to marry her, and everyone is invited to our Metaverse wedding.”

Others expressed their desire to date the AI character, with one comment stating, “I would date this AI,” and another emphasizing, “The face is just waaaay too perfect…” A third admirer simply stated, “She is stunning.”

Recognizing the potential impact of AI in broadcasting, Taiwan’s government has initiated cross-ministerial discussions led by the Ministry of Digital Affairs and the National Science Council.

The objective is to formulate policies related to the utilization of AI in the industry.

In cases where AI anchors disseminate false or misleading information or share unverified images, Taiwan’s National Communications Commission retains the authority to intervene and take appropriate action.

The advent of AI presenters signifies the arrival of a new era, one in which technology and human fascination intertwine in unexpected ways. It serves as a reminder that as we venture further into the realm of artificial intelligence, we must remain vigilant and ensure responsible use to uphold journalistic integrity and societal well-being.


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