Alaska Airlines flight makes emergency landing after window blows out mid-flight, child who sat near hole loses shirt


An Alaska Airlines flight turned into a harrowing ordeal when a section of the plane blew out mid-flight, leading to an emergency landing in Portland.

The Ontario, California-bound plane had departed from Portland International Airport but had to return just 35 minutes later following the terrifying incident.

The flight, carrying 171 passengers and 6 crew members, experienced a critical incident shortly after takeoff. Passengers described chaos as cell phones and belongings were sucked out of the gaping hole in the plane.

One passenger recounted how a child had to be held down in his seat by his mother. Photos obtained by KTPV showed a massive chunk missing in the plane’s fuselage.

Immediately after the piece blew off, oxygen masks were deployed, and passengers used them while awaiting the plane’s landing.

The pilot’s recordings captured the moments after the incident, indicating the cabin’s depressurization. “Portland approach, Alaska 1282 emergency! Aircraft is now leveling 12,000 in a left turn heading three four zero,” the pilot communicated, declaring an emergency and requesting a return to the airport.

The fire department responded to the plane after it landed, treating minor injuries. One person was taken from the scene for further medical evaluations, as reported by the Port of Portland.

The Boeing 737-9 Max, recently built and certified in October 2023, was involved in the incident. Following the event, Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci announced the temporary grounding of the airline’s fleet of 65 Boeing 737-9 aircraft. “Following tonight’s event on Flight 1282, we have decided to take the precautionary step of temporarily grounding our fleet of 65 Boeing 737-9 aircraft,”


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