‘Alien Corpses’ Unveiled by Scientists are ‘Real’, Anthropologist Confirms Following Second UFO Hearing

    ‘Alien Corpses’ Unveiled by Scientists are ‘Real’, Anthropologist Confirms Following Second UFO Hearing

    Multiple doctors and researchers have strongly asserted the authenticity of ‘alien corpses’ revealed by a ufologist, reaffirming their veracity as the Mexican Congress conducted its second session focusing on these enigmatic bodies.

    Yes, those haunting three-fingered specimens unveiled earlier this year have not slipped from public attention. The unveiling took place in September, as journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan appeared before Congress, disclosing that these unearthly figures had been retrieved from Cusco, Peru.

    Maussan adamantly declared that the specimens were unrelated to any known life forms on Earth, emphasizing, “The public has a right to know about non-human technology and non-human entities.”

    Initial responses to this revelation were met with skepticism, notably from physicist and presenter Professor Brian Cox, who criticized Maussan’s claims, contending that the bodies appeared ‘way too humanoid’ to be genuine.

    Persisting in his claims, Maussan reappeared before Mexico’s Congress on Tuesday (7th November), accompanied by a panel of doctors who corroborated the once-living nature of the bodies.

    Anthropologist Roger Zuniga, representing San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, presented a letter signed by 11 researchers from the university, attesting to the authenticity of the bodies. Zuniga, in an interview with Reuters after the congressional session, affirmed, “They’re real,” asserting that there was no trace of human tampering in the physical and biological composition of these entities.

    Despite this confirmation, Zuniga remains uncertain about the origin of these entities. The letter clarifies that the scientists do not imply the bodies are ‘extraterrestrial’. Maussan, though without a definitive explanation for their origins, proposed a notion beyond the scientists’ claims. He ventured to suggest that these bodies could be indicative of life forms not native to Earth.

    Upon scrutinizing test results and images of the bodies, Argentine surgeon Celestino Adolfo Piotto conveyed a belief that these entities might be an evolved form of present-day humans, dubbing them ‘our descendants’.

    Maussan’s past assertions about bodies in Peru drew criticism from the scientific community. Investigations by the country’s prosecutor’s office concluded that the bodies were, in fact, ‘recently manufactured dolls, covered with a blend of paper and synthetic adhesive to imitate skin.’

    Acknowledging past discrepancies with false specimens, Zuniga remained resolute in his assertion that the entities presented in Mexico are genuine.


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