‘Alien’ Seen walking around on New York Subway in Creepy Viral Footage


Viral footage capturing what appears to be an “alien” roaming the streets of New York City and even riding the subway has ignited a frenzy of speculation. In recent times, the debate surrounding the existence of extraterrestrial life has gained traction, fueled by claims from a UFO whistleblower that crucial evidence is being concealed by authorities. However, the notion of encountering an alien amidst the bustling heart of one of the world’s busiest cities might not be the type of “proof” that was anticipated.

Social media platforms have been flooded with clips of this enigmatic figure traversing various locations in New York City, captivating viewers with its distinctive appearance. The being was characterized by a striking blue-green hue, a conspicuously oversized bald head, peculiarly contoured ears, and penetrating black eyes – an uncanny resemblance to the archetypal depiction of an alien that pervades popular imagination. Adding to the intrigue, its attire included an oversized t-shirt adorned with an image of Earth and the phrase “Love your mother.”

Amid the viral sensation, an array of whimsical theories emerged, suggesting that this purported alien presence might be a calculated maneuver to acclimate society to forthcoming revelations. One TikTok user ventured, “They are preparing us for reality,” while another exhorted, “Stay awake.”

However, the actual explanation behind this puzzling spectacle is surprisingly straightforward. It has been disclosed that the “alien” encountered amidst the urban hubbub of New York was, in fact, part of a promotional endeavor tied to the upcoming film “Jules,” scheduled for release on August 11th. This science fiction comedy revolves around the life of Milton Robinson, a 79-year-old whose existence takes an extraordinary turn when a UFO crash-lands in his rural Pennsylvania garden. Although the movie’s production team has not officially confirmed this venture as a promotional stunt, the striking resemblance between the filmed “alien” and the character Jules portrayed in the movie leaves little room for doubt, leading many to speculate that the connection is more than coincidental.

In a landscape where the boundaries between fiction and reality are sometimes blurred, the captivating footage of the “alien” traipsing through New York City serves as a testament to the power of visual media and its ability to spark widespread curiosity and conjecture. As audiences await the release of “Jules,” the line between viral sensation and cinematic promotion continues to blur, offering a fascinating glimpse into the interplay of technology, entertainment, and the imagination.


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