All passengers and crew on Titanic sub believe to be dead, officials confirm


All passengers and crew on the missing Titan sub are believed to be dead, officials have confirmed.

A ‘debris field’ has been found in the search area of the missing Titanic sub it has been confirmed.

Experts have confirmed that “a landing frame and a rear cover from the submersible” were discovered.

The debris has officially identified as the missing vessel, extinguishing any hope of the submersible being found intact.

Sky’s US correspondent James Matthews said:

“The word ‘debris’ doesn’t sound good at all in a situation and at a depth where the water pressure is huge.

“It can do considerable damage to vessels – the like of the Titan – on the seabed, 4,000m (13,123ft) down.

“Should the worst have happened, and that vessel was broken up somehow by the pressures at that depth, the word ‘debris’ would absolutely fit that worst-case scenario.”

A press conference is being scheduled following the discovery.


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