Amber Heard Claims Depp Said He ‘Could F***ing Kill Me’ in ‘Drunk’ Incident Involving His Kids


Amber Heard took to the stand last Wednesday and claimed that Johnny Depp said he ‘could f***ing kill [her]’ in a ‘drunk’ incident where his kids were involved.

Depp launched a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard in 2019, after the Aquaman star described herself as a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 article she penned in The Washington Post. Heard never mentioned Depp by name but the actor argued that the article she wrote tarnished his reputation and ultimately his acting career.

On day 14 of the trial, the actress took to the stand to give her account of their relationship and the alleged abuse she was subjected to.

She closed out her testimony describing a trip the couple took with Depp’s kids. The actor was selling his yacht to J.K Rowling and wanted one last trip before it was sold, so took the yacht out to his private island in the Bahamas.

Heard said:

“Johnny was upset that he had to sell the boat, he was off the wagon again, but he didn’t want to tell his kids. He was hiding it from them, putting it in coffee cups and drinking,”

The actress continued, describing how Depp was “emotional” and he “started getting more obviously drunk…there’s just no off button with Johnny.”

Heard went on to describe how Depp jumped off the yacht into the water in a way that “looked a little scary” which panicked his daughter, Lily-Rose.

Depp’s daughter started to cry and Heard allegedly provided comfort, by putting her arm around the teen.

When Depp came back onto the boat, Heard said he seemed angry with her:

“He asked Lily-Rose to leave, Lily-Rose looks at me, leaves crying and Johnny starts accusing me of kind of telling on him, calling him a drunk in front of his kids. I hadn’t done that. I was actually trying to protect Johnny,”

“It didn’t feel like my place at all to share that with his daughter or anyone at the time, other than adults who might help with it, not his kids.”

Heard continued, describing an alleged horrific and violent attack by Depp:

“He basically was accusing me of making them aware he was drinking again. He slams me up against the side wall of the cabin, slams me up by my neck, holds me there for a second and tells me that he could f—ing kill me and I was an embarrassment, I was embarrassing, this whole thing was a joke, I made him feel sick,”

“I’ll never forget. I was very, very, very much in love with this whole family now and he says I’m embarrassing to him and that somehow stuck more in me more than I could f—ing kill you. The names he was calling me, pushing me up against the wall by my neck, hurt my feelings, it hurt.”

Lily-Rose and Jack Depp apparently called for a helicopter to take them away from the island – they left with Heard, leaving Depp.


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