Amber Heard References Previous Claims Johnny Depp Pushed Kate Moss Down the Stairs


Amber Heard references previous claims that ex-husband Johnny Depp pushed Kate Moss down the stairs.

Depp launched a defamation lawsuit against Heard in 2019 after the Aquaman star described herself as a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 article she penned in The Washington Post. Heard never mentioned Depp by name but the actor argued that the article she wrote tarnished his reputation and ultimately his acting career. The trial began Monday 11 April in Fairfax, Virginia.

Heard took to the stand last week to describe the first time she allegedly hit Depp.

She described an incident that she says took place in March 2015. She claims she threw a can of Red Bull at Depp which struck him in the back, Heard called him a “f***ing p****” to which he became angry and followed her up a staircase.

Heard said he grabbed her and it was at this point, her sister Whitney interfered. The actress claimed:

“She threw herself in the line of fire,”

“She was trying to get Johnny to stop. Her back was to the staircase, and Johnny swings at her … I don’t hesitate and wait, I instantly think of Kate Moss and stairs.”

“I, for the first time, hit him, square in the face. And he didn’t push my sister down the stairs. Up to that point in our relationship, I hadn’t even landed one on Johnny,”

“Johnny looked stunned and then laughed at me, and then lunges at me again,”

In 2020, Heard claimed that Depp pushed supermodel Kate Moss down a staircase during the course of their relationship in the 90s.

Watch her testimony below:

The trial is set to last for five weeks in total.


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