American Soldier in Ukraine Says He’s Taken Out 7 Russian Armoured Vehicles


An American soldier has claimed that he helped take out seven of the Kremlin’s armoured vehicles and ‘countless’ Russians.

James Vasquez has taken to social media to share updates of the ongoing conflict and give a brief insight into his day-to-day and what he has been doing since having landed in Ukraine.

Vasquez posted a clip on 24th March saying:

‘took out 7 tanks and countless Russians thus liberating these people’

In the video posted to Twitter, the American states:

“I don’t know if you guys know what this is behind me, but that’s a Russian tank which we’ve taken out.”

While the man behind the camera shouts:

“Welcome to america.”

Vasquez has told his Twitter following what his day-to-day life is like, even down to what he eats in a normal day:

‘eggs and potato dumplings every day’

President Volodymyr Zelensky has been very open about asking for outside help to come to Ukraine’s aid and help defend the country.

We have now surpassed the month mark of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began 24th February 2022.


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