Amy Schumer Shares Explicit Joke She Wasn’t Allowed to Make at the Oscars


Amy Schumer has shared an explicit joke she apparently wasn’t allowed to make at the Oscars.

The comedian told the NSFW joke during her performance at the Netflix is a joke festival.

Schumer co-hosted the Oscars this year alongside Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes.

During her stand-up set at the Netflix Is a Joke festival, the actress/comedian shared the joke that the Oscars execs “did say ‘no'” to:

“My husband was going down on me,”

“Or as he calls it, Squid Game. So, he’s in my Nightmare Alley. My House of Gucci. And I say, ‘C’mon C’mon.’ He goes Tick, tick… BOOM! He ‘Bels fast’. I say, ‘get off my Dune’ and that’s how our son was born.”

Watch below:

The explicit joke references numerous films that were nominated for Oscars, as well as drama C’mon C’mon created by Mike Mills and hit TV series Squid Game.

Schumer explained:

“this [was] a bit that the Oscars did say no, I couldn’t say…I don’t know why they said no”

A little inappropriate for the Oscars, perhaps??


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