Anonymous Hacks Russian State TV To Show Ukraine War Footage


With the continuing war in Ukraine it seems that the hacking group Anonymous has now claimed to have taken down Russian state TV channels. Replacing said broadcasts with Ukrainian footage and anti-war messages.

The hacking group, which identifies itself as activists from all over the world, claimed that it was involved in the “biggest anonymous op ever seen” exposing footage of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, over the last 12 days.

The ‘Hacktivist’ group tweeted:

This comes following Russian state TV being accused of manipulating and censoring what is happening in Ukraine.

The group claims to have taken control over “Russia 24”, “Channel 1”, “Moscow 24” and streaming services Wink and Ivi. Displaying messages that people of twitter have translated:

“We are ordinary citizens of Russia. We oppose the war on the territory of Ukraine. Russia and Russians are against the war. This war is tied up in Putin’s criminal, authoritarian regime.

“On behalf of the ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation”

Echo of Moscow, one of Russia’s last liberal radio stations, which is refusing to follow the Kremlin’s narrative on the invasion of Ukraine, has also been taken off the air for the first time since the collapse of the USSR.

Steve Rosenberg, Moscow Correspondent for BBC News, tweeted:

Liberal radio station Echo of Moscow taken off air. Just static now on my car radio. Its website, too, & website of independent TV station Dozhd blocked (both still accessible via YouTube).

Meanwhile, the bloody invasion of Ukraine continues.


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