Ariana Grande Accused Of Asian-Fishing In New Photoshoot


You’ve heard of black-fishing, right? It’s when someone who quite clearly isn’t black essentially tries to look black.

In fact, here’s the definition to explain it a little better for you:

Thompson defines black-fishing as “when White public figures, influencers and the like do everything in their power to appear Black”.

Black-fishing has weirdly become quite a common thing.

Asian-fishing is also a thing. And Ariana Grande has caused serious outrage on Twitter after her latest photoshoot was released.

TikTok influencer Victoria Alexander said:

“I’m not saying that Ariana Grande has moved on from Black-fishing to Asian-fishing, but I am saying it took me longer than expected to realise that this is her.

“I understand that celebrities will change up their look from time to time, but this is giving change up of phenotype [a racial chameleon].”

An Asian Twitter user said:

“I’m Asian and I can point out Asian-fishing when I see one.

“Ariana isn’t Asian-fishing, cause clearly y’all never heard of the flash from the camera and that skin can go pale in the winter.”

Grande had previously been accused of black-fishing.

Here are the photos that caused uproar:

The photos were initially posted on Ariana’s account, but she swiftly deleted them after the backlash she received.


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