Attempt to ‘Cancel’ Aldean over Video actually seems to be Helping Sales


Country music star Jason Aldean is experiencing a surprising sales boost as his controversial song, “Try That In A Small Town,” reaches No. 1 on the US iTunes charts. Despite the attempts to “cancel” him over the recently-released video for the song, the public’s interest and support have propelled it to the top spot.

The controversy surrounding the song escalated when Country Music Television (CMT) decided to remove the video from its rotation without providing a specific explanation. Social media accusations branded the song as racist due to its messaging and the location where the video was filmed.

The video for “Try That In A Small Town” features real news footage depicting protestors clashing with police in major US cities. The filming location, the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, sparked further criticism. The site is notorious for being where a white lynch mob executed Henry Choate in 1927 after dragging his body through the streets.

Mississippi Free Press editor Ashton Pittman voiced concerns on Twitter about the video’s insensitivity and implied encouragement of violence against those who oppose the police. However, Jason Aldean vehemently denied any racist or violent intent behind the song in messages posted on his social media platforms.

Aldean emphasized that the song’s lyrics do not reference race or promote violence, and the video includes genuine news footage. He expressed his willingness to respect others’ interpretations of his music, but he believes these allegations go too far.

Despite the controversy, the song’s popularity has surged, and it has achieved the top spot on the US iTunes charts. The official music video on YouTube has already garnered over 1.4 million views within the first five days of its release, contributing to the song’s impressive sales performance.

Entertainment data firm Luminate, the source of Billboard’s sales numbers, is carefully monitoring the situation and will verify complete sales and streaming data from all platforms before confirming the figures. As of July 13, prior to the video’s release, Jason Aldean’s lifetime combined album sales stood at 12.3 million, track sales at 23.9 million, and on-demand streams, including audio and video, at 11.6 billion.

While controversy continues to surround the song, it appears that the public’s curiosity and support are contributing to its commercial success. Jason Aldean’s music continues to resonate with fans, regardless of the ongoing debates and criticisms.


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