Australian Woman in the US Says there are ‘Too Many American Flags’ in America


    A foreign perspective on the prevalence of American flags across the United States has sparked a discourse about patriotism and cultural norms. While the US is renowned for its unabashed display of national pride through flag-bearing, an Australian woman’s TikTok video highlighted her surprise at the sheer number of American flags adorning houses, cars, and even household items.

    In the now-deleted video, the woman named Mia, shared her observations while walking down a suburban street in the US. Expressing her candid astonishment, she exclaimed, “I’m just gonna say it… there are too many American flags.” She humorously detailed encountering them on houses, cars, and even couch cushions. Mia then drew a contrast between this display of patriotism in the US and how other countries exhibit their national pride.

    Speaking directly to her American audience, she noted, “You’re the only country that I know that does this.” She further illustrated her point by sharing her limited experience with the Australian flag’s display, citing the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a rare instance. Mia’s comparison led her to humorously speculate that she could likely sculpt the American flag from memory due to its ubiquitous presence.

    Mia suggested a modest approach to patriotism, urging, “It’s enough. Let’s stay humble.”

    Her video sparked a range of reactions, capturing the diversity of perspectives on the matter. Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded curtly, tweeting, “Go back to Australia.” While Mia’s TikTok account was later deleted, the video’s impact persisted as it circulated across platforms.

    The video found traction on right-wing Twitter account Libs of TikTok, igniting impassioned responses. Some comments were unapologetic in asserting that the display of American flags is intrinsic to the country’s identity, advising those who dislike it to avoid visiting. Others, however, acknowledged the cultural shift the prevalence of flags might represent. One commenter revealed, “[Not going to lie], as an American it’s a little weird. She’s totally correct. It’s not just in front of schools and government buildings; it’s like a pattern on t-shirts and beer bottles.”

    Ultimately, the debate about the prominence of American flags underscores the intricate balance between national pride and cultural perceptions. The discussion prompted by Mia’s video reflects the diverse tapestry of opinions in a society that celebrates its flag with fervor, while also recognizing that perspectives on this symbol can vary widely.


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