Bill Murray Under Investigation for ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ After Film Set Shutdown


Bill Murray is under investigation for “inappropriate behaviour” after the film set of his upcoming movie Being Mortal has been shut down after a complaint was filed against the legend, Deadline reports.

Production of the movie has been ceased indefinitely until further investigations into the actor’s actions have concluded.

No further details have emerged at this time as this is an ongoing investigation – but other stars of the upcoming movie such as Aziz Ansari, his partner Youree Henley and Seth Rogen were not involved in the complaint.

Deadline reported that Searchlight Pictures wrote to the cast and crew, saying:

‘Dear Being Mortal Cast and Crew, we know you are all concerned about the recent delays in production and want to give you an update,’

‘Late last week, we were made aware of a complaint, and we immediately looked into it.’

‘After reviewing the circumstances, it has been decided that production cannot continue at this time,’

‘We are truly grateful to all of you for everything you’ve put into this project.’

‘Our hope is to resume production and are working with Aziz and Youree (director Aziz Ansari and producer Youree Henley) to figure out that timing.’

‘Production will be in touch with you to share details on the wrap, and we will let you know as soon as we have more information to share.’

Searchlight Pictures informed the publication that it would not comment while amidst an ongoing investigation.


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