Bizarre Creatures Wash Up on Beaches in Australia After ‘Shocking’ Record Rainfall


Dozens of bizarre creatures have washed up on Australian beaches after weeks of record volumes of rainfall.

Experts are baffled by the dead marine life after pictures of the the bizarre looking animals show up across New South Wales.

See below:

Image: Betty Ratcliffe / Facebook

The creatures, or common seadragons, can often be found in Australian waters but it’s odd to see them washed up on the beach.

See below:

Image: Betty Ratcliffe / Facebook

Professor of marine ecology at the University of Technology Sydney, Dr David Booth, told the Sydney Morning Herald that:

“Clearly it’s a result of some combination of the shocking weather, pollutants being washed into the ocean and big surf.”

Lead investigator, Dr Selma Klanten, added:

“This can make them susceptible to loss of habitat and changing environmental factors,”

The creatures can grow up to 45cm long and are usually found among the reefs. They are also a close connection to the seahorse, as reported by News AU.

They look other-wordly…


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