Boxer Who Lifted Her Top Up To Celebrate Has Been Banned From Finals


Boxer Daniella Hemsley has been disqualified from the Kingpyn Boxing final this week after a controversial celebration in the ring. The adult model, who secured her first boxing victory over the weekend, was informed by Kingpyn that she would not be allowed to compete in the finals due to her post-fight incident.

In a statement released by Kingpyn, they acknowledged that the incident might have offended some viewers and did not meet the expected standards of their fight nights. They issued an apology to anyone upset by the broadcast and confirmed that the fighter involved would not be participating in the Final event.

During her bout with Ms. Danielka, also known as Aleksandra Ola Daniel, Hemsley emerged as the winner after several rounds of intense boxing. However, her moment of victory took an unexpected turn when she couldn’t contain her excitement and lifted her black vest, accidentally exposing her chest during the live broadcast.

Following the incident, Hemsley took to Instagram to issue an apology. She expressed her enthusiasm for the win and clarified that she had tassels on her outfit, but they got stuck to her bra due to sweat.

The move received mixed reactions from various individuals in the boxing community. Promoter Eddie Hearn criticized Hemsley’s actions, stating that they undermined the progress made in women’s sport and the image of role models or influencers. He expressed concern about the behavior being showcased to younger generations.

Fellow boxer Sameenah Toussaint, who has competed in the Commonwealth Games and now trains with Team GB, also voiced her opinion on the matter. She expressed the need for positive influences and role models in sports rather than influencers engaging in such behavior.

In response to the criticism, Hemsley claimed that she had received approval from the promoter before the bout to perform her celebration. She explained that she had initially planned to do it only if she won the match, and when the opportunity presented itself, she got carried away with excitement.

The incident has raised discussions about the responsibilities of influencers and public figures in sports. Many argue that they should uphold a positive image and serve as role models for younger generations, while others believe that such incidents should not overshadow their achievements in their respective fields.

As the controversy continues, boxing organizations and promoters may reconsider their approach to influencer-driven events and the conduct expected from participants. The incident with Daniella Hemsley serves as a reminder that actions in the public eye can have significant consequences and prompt discussions about sportsmanship and role modeling in the world of professional sports.


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