Brad Pitt Can’t Find Anybody To Date Him


If Brad Pitt can’t find a date, then I’m afraid we’re all doomed, gentlemen.

The Hollywood heartthrob is reportedly struggling to find ‘the one’ after his split with Angelina Jolie.

An insider told US Weekly:

“[He wants to] find that special someone to be with long-term,”

“The trouble is that he hates the process and how he can’t even step out for a friendly coffee without it being gossiped about.”

He also hopes him and Angelina can get back on good terms for the kids’ sakes.

“Brad hopes that one day he and Angelina find a way to forgive each other and move forward, for the kids’ sakes if nothing else. He hates all the bad blood.”

Pitt’s apparently happy to focus on his kids and charity work while he waits for the right woman.

Any takers?


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