Britney Spears Finally has Control of Her Own Money and Her Net Worth is Huge

Britney Spears Finally has Control of Her Own Money and Her Net Worth is Huge

In 2021, Britney Spears emerged victorious from a conservatorship that had dictated significant aspects of her life for over 13 years, finally granting her control over her hard-earned money. As an iconic talent and a relentless worker, Britney has amassed a considerable fortune. However, it’s worth noting that her financial assets would have been even more substantial if not for the hefty legal fees incurred during her protracted conservatorship battle.

Throughout this legal struggle, Britney faced exorbitant expenses, including covering her former lawyer Sam Ingham’s annual salary of $520,000 and her own living expenses, which amounted to $438,360 in 2019. The revelation that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, paid himself a monthly salary of approximately $16,000 (along with an additional $2,000 for office space) and received a percentage of Britney’s deals adds another layer of financial complexity. For instance, in 2011, Jamie pocketed 1.5 percent of the gross revenues from Britney’s Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas.

Despite the challenges posed by these financial arrangements, Britney’s net worth remains impressive. While she earned substantial income in the early 2000s, including $40 million from touring and record sales in 2002, an insider revealed to the New Yorker that when the conservatorship was established, Britney’s fortune had dwindled to “a few million dollars.” Even as her earnings grew significantly during the conservatorship, she reportedly had limited access to her own money, a situation exacerbated by her continuous work commitments. During this period, Britney released four albums, embarked on a Vegas residency reportedly paying $300,000 per night (with an additional $35 million upon extension), and embarked on a tour grossing $131 million. She also earned $15 million for judging a season of The X Factor, and Forbes reported a staggering $34 million in earnings for 2017 alone.

Despite these earnings, Britney had minimal control over her finances as her conservators, including Jamie, retained primary control. The New York Times disclosed that Britney received a mere $2,000-per-week allowance despite her multimillion-dollar earnings.

As of now, estimates of Britney’s current net worth vary, with The New York Times suggesting around $60 million and Celebrity Net Worth proposing a figure closer to $70 million. Regardless, Britney’s financial situation took a positive turn in January 2022 when a judge ruled that she would regain full control over her finances and would no longer be responsible for her father’s legal fees. This legal victory ensures that Britney can now make her own decisions and use her hard-earned money as she sees fit—a liberating and empowering development in her life.


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