Bruce Willis Daughter Gives Emotional Update On His Condition


Tallulah Willis, daughter of famed actor Bruce Willis, has offered insights into her family’s approach towards the open disclosure of her father’s challenging battle with an ‘aggressive’ form of dementia. During an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, the 29-year-old actress shared details about her father’s condition and the family’s decision to share this private struggle with the public.

In the discussion, Tallulah highlighted the significance of raising awareness about frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a rare and aggressive cognitive disease that her father, the Die Hard actor Bruce Willis, was diagnosed with earlier this year. She explained that the family’s openness about Bruce’s diagnosis was a blend of their familial identity and a concerted effort to create awareness and support for those grappling with similar challenges. “It’s really important for us to spread awareness about FTD… If we can take something that we’re struggling with as a family… to help other people… that’s really special for us,” she mentioned, reflecting on the family’s decision to be open about the diagnosis.

Tallulah also expressed how she found solace in delving into her father’s personal belongings, describing her journey of connecting with her dad through his possessions. She underlined the significant role of music in their relationship, reminiscing on the importance of music in their family and the comfort it brings in spending time with her father.

When asked about her father’s current state, Tallulah mentioned that despite the challenging circumstances, seeing her father unchanged was the best she could hope for. She spoke affectionately about the love she perceives in her interactions with him, emphasizing the bond they share, regardless of the circumstances.

Bruce Willis shares Tallulah with ex-wife Demi Moore, with whom he also has two other daughters, Rumer, 35, and Scout, 32. Bruce’s second marriage to Emma Heming in 2009 brought forth two daughters, Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, nine, further expanding their family circle.

Tallulah also shed light on her personal journey of self-discovery and acceptance, revealing the importance of making room for negative thoughts instead of trying to suppress them. By allowing space for these thoughts and understanding their presence, she has discovered a path to self-love, marking a significant revelation in her journey.

Additionally, a recent update from Glenn Gordon Caron, a close friend and creator of the 1980s sitcom Moonlighting, which starred Bruce Willis, offered a heartfelt insight into Bruce’s current condition. He explained that while Bruce might recognize him in the initial moments of their meeting, his language skills and voracious reading habit have significantly declined due to the effects of dementia.

Despite the challenging situation, Caron makes efforts to visit Bruce and maintain connections with his family, emphasizing the importance of being there for Bruce during this phase of his life.

Tallulah’s narrative not only provides an update on her father’s condition but also underscores the family’s choice to openly discuss the challenging journey with the hope of raising awareness and extending support to others experiencing similar struggles.


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