Captured Russian Soldiers Claim They’ll Be ‘Dead’ if They are Sent Back Home

Captured Russian Soldiers Claim They’ll Be ‘Dead’ if They are Sent Back Home

Russian soldiers captured by Ukraine have disclosed that they are terrified of being killed If they are sent back to Russia regarded as failures.

While President Vladimir Putin has been public about his praise of Russian troops, reports have surfaced around soldiers disobeying orders and Putin having overestimated the Russian forces capabilities.

The Ukrainian defence ministry has invited the mothers of captured Russian soldiers to collect them from Kyiv, the soldiers have claimed they will be ‘dead’ if they return back to Russia.

The following video was shared on Ukrainian channels of a captured Russian Soldier seemingly being fed by locals:

One soldier from Russia’s 2nd Motor Rifle Division, at a press conference in Kyiv, said his parents had already prepared his funeral for when he returned home, reported by The Telegraph. He said: 

‘In Russia we are already considered dead. I was given the opportunity to call my parents and they told me that a funeral for me had already been arranged.

‘If we are exchanged, then we will be shot by our own people.’

The Security Service in Ukraine has recorded videos of captured Russian soldiers visibly upset, crying and accusing Putin of lying to them about the ‘special military operation’. Russian soldiers have accused Putin of using them as ‘meat shields’.
Meanwhile, another captured Russian soldier has publicly announced that he was “100% wrong” and has asked for the world to not judge him too harshly.


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