Cardi B Defends Will Smith amid Affair Rumor as She Hits Out at Blogger

In the swirling storm of controversy surrounding Will Smith’s personal life, Cardi B has stepped forward to defend the actor against recent allegations made by a former employee. The claims, suggesting an intimate encounter between Smith and fellow actor Duane Martin, were brought to light by Brother Bilaal during an interview with gossip blogger Tasha K on her Unwine With Tasha K show.Addressing the ongoing drama in an Instagram Live session, Cardi B expressed her support for Will Smith, emphasizing his unproblematic nature and kind heart. The Grammy-winning artist took a moment to share her understanding of Libras, mentioning how they can be pushed to the limit and, when they react, it can be perceived as an intense outburst that may overshadow the initial provocation.
“I don’t like what people be doing to Will Smith. I be feeling like Will Smith is very unproblematic, and I feel like he [has] a nice heart,” Cardi declared. She went on to compare Smith’s situation to the experience that many Libras face when their reactions are misconstrued and exaggerated by onlookers.“We go so crazy, people be like, ‘Oh my God! What the f**k? Oh, this b**ch is really crazy. Oh, this n**ga is f**king crazy, for real.’ I feel like y’all doing that to Will Smith,” she added, standing firmly in her defense of the King Richard star.Cardi also took issue with the lack of verification from Tasha K before broadcasting the ex-employee’s claims against Will. Drawing from her own history with the gossip blogger, Cardi referenced a previous legal victory in which she was awarded $4 million in damages after Tasha made false statements about her in 2021. Cardi highlighted the importance of fact-checking and expressed her disappointment, stating, “I don’t like how I was fooled a couple weeks ago. Some people just never change.”The controversy reached new heights on Wednesday when Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s estranged wife, vehemently denied the allegations on The Breakfast Club. Jada denounced the claims about Will’s sexuality and asserted that legal action would be taken against those spreading what she termed “salacious, malicious stories.”The unfolding drama adds a layer of complexity to the public image of one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples. As Cardi B takes a stand in defense of Will Smith, the saga continues, leaving the public with a mix of skepticism and anticipation as the truth behind the allegations remains shrouded in uncertainty. In the court of public opinion, the echoes of this controversy may resonate long after the legal dust settles.


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