Cardi B Hurls Microphone at Fan after they Threw a Drink at Her


Concerts, a place where fans come to witness their beloved musicians perform, have recently witnessed a surge in inappropriate fan behavior, igniting controversies and raising concerns about the treatment of performers.

A distressing incident that gained widespread attention involved singer Bebe Rexha, who suffered a severe eye injury when a phone was hurled at her during a show. This alarming occurrence left many questioning why some individuals choose to throw phones and other heavy objects onto the stage instead of simply enjoying the music.

Unfortunately, such incidents have not abated, and a recent occurrence took place during Cardi B’s performance of ‘Bodak Yellow’ in Las Vegas. A member of the audience thought it appropriate to throw a drink at the musician mid-performance. However, Cardi B refused to accept this disrespect and promptly retaliated by hurling her microphone at the culprit, leaving fans and the emcee in astonishment.

The video of this incident soon went viral on social media, sparking debates and discussions about the supposed feud between the performer and the audience member. Many fans were bewildered yet proud of Cardi B’s quick response during the incident.

Observing the video, one Twitter user marveled at the precision of Cardi B’s microphone throw, humorously suggesting she could be a professional quarterback. Others expressed frustration, questioning why anyone would ruin their concert experience with such senseless behavior, leading to their inevitable ejection from the event.


Cardi B was on stage performing in Las Vegas when an audience member appeared to throw a drink at her. Clearly upset, she reacted immediately by throwing her microphone into the crowd as security guards rushed to the stage. #CNN #News #CardiB

? original sound – CNN

Interestingly, amidst the support for the ‘WAP’ rapper, some users diverted the conversation towards their dislike for female rappers and the lyrical content of their music. Despite varying opinions, the incident drew attention to the overall concert experience, with some lamenting that the song continued playing during the stage attack, diverting attention from the performance.

Famous celebrities like Adele have publicly voiced their disapproval of throwing items on stage, urging fans to show respect and restraint. Nevertheless, such incidents persist, leaving everyone wondering why certain individuals still engage in such disruptive behavior.

Ultimately, the question arises: would anyone throw a drink at their favorite rapper during a concert? The answer should be a resounding “no.” Concerts are meant to be enjoyable experiences for both the performers and the audience. Respect for the artists’ craft and dedication should always be a priority, allowing everyone to cherish the music without resorting to disrespectful actions.

As concert-goers, we must remember that our behavior directly impacts the ambiance and overall experience of the event. So, let’s unite in making concerts an atmosphere of joy, admiration, and appreciation for the artists who enrich our lives through their music.


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