Celebrity Chef Bans All Vegans from His Restaurant


A celebrity chef has taken a controversial stance by banning vegans from his restaurant after a dispute with an unhappy customer sparked an online battle between meat-eaters and non-meat eaters.

Renowned UK-born chef John Mountain, who runs the restaurant Fyre in Connolly, a suburb of Perth, posted a notice on Facebook stating, “Sadly all vegans are now banned from Fyre for mental health reasons. We thank you for your understanding. xx.”

Mountain explained the reasoning behind the ban in a social media statement, recounting an incident where a young girl had contacted him inquiring about vegan options for her visit to the restaurant.

“I said I would accommodate her, I said we had gnocchi, vegetables… and that was that,” he recalled, admitting that he had forgotten about her request on the busy Saturday in question due to catering a private party.

However, the sous chef confronted him later that evening for not informing them about the vegan customer. Subsequently, the young woman lodged a complaint, expressing disappointment with the limited vegetable dish she was offered, which was priced at $32.

She emphasized the importance of restaurants being able to cater to everyone and criticized the lack of plant-based options, suggesting that if improvements were not made, the restaurant would not survive.

In response, the restaurant fired back, acknowledging that vegans and vegetarians were a minority but stating, “You and all your vegan mates can all go and enjoy your dishes in another venue. You are now banned.”

Mountain reinforced the ban in further exchanges with disgruntled reviewers, inviting them to continue criticizing his business and asserting that all vegans were prohibited from his establishment.

The conflicting opinions triggered a flurry of one-star and five-star Google reviews, with some expressing their disapproval of Mountain’s stance while others supported the restaurant.

Mountain expressed his frustration with negative reviews, particularly targeting vegans, and stated, “F*** vegans seriously… I’m done. At the end of the day, it’s not what I want to do, they can f*** off.”

Among the reviews, one commenter highlighted the growing demand for vegan options in today’s society, emphasizing the potential benefits for businesses in catering to a wider market and increasing revenue.

However, many reviews simply gave the restaurant a one-star rating without providing reasons, leading Mountain to respond and explain that he had initially agreed to cater to customers’ needs but had faced logistical challenges on the specific night.

While there were supporters who applauded the restaurant’s stance and awarded it five stars, others criticized the use of fake reviews as a means of attack, urging understanding and respectful interactions.

The situation garnered attention from both sides, with emotional reactions from customers and Mountain himself, prompting calls for the removal of reviews and a plea for more empathetic understanding.

Mountain, a former celebrity chef in the UK, has been living in Australia for seven years and previously worked with renowned chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and Marco Pierre White.

Despite the controversy and negative impact on the business, Fyre managed to maintain an average four-star rating due to the support of its loyal customers.

The ban on vegans remains in effect, highlighting the divisive nature of the issue and the clash between differing dietary preferences.


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