Chris Rock said He’s Let People ‘Walk All Over Him’ Since Childhood


Chris Rock has recalled letting people ‘walk all over him’ since childhood after Will Smith slapped the comedian on stage in front of millions.

The now infamous slap took place at the Oscars awards ceremony on Sunday evening. Rock made an insensitive remark about Jada Pinkett Smith, comparing her to G.I Jane – Jada has been open about her struggles with alopecia and didn’t appreciate being used as the punchline.

The Grown ups actor, now 57-years-old, reflected on his childhood and being ‘bullied ridiculously’ in a recent episode of the podcast Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade.

Speaking to the hosts, the comedian said:

“Then I got bused to school and the bullying was because I was little guy and I was Black. I was getting double bullied,”

He then remembered a time when he took matters into his own hands by putting a brick into his bad and ‘smack[ing] the guy in the face with this brick’…

“[I] stomped on him, Joe Pesci-style, to the point that we thought he might die,”

“Long story short, from that day on, as my shrink puts it to me, you have been scared to be angry ever since. The guy you saw was bending over backwards to be nice because I was so scared of my anger.”

Rock’s shrink told him:

“This guy brought something out in you and you’re so scared of that thing coming out of you again that you let the whole world walk all over you. Your friends walk over you, your family walks over you, your female relationships – everybody just f***s you over.”

LAPD had recently confirmed that Chris Rock will not be filing a police report nor has he spoken publicly about the incident that took place on Sunday evening.


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