Chris Rock Says ‘Believe All Women Except Amber Heard’ During Comedy Show


Chris Rock brought up the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial at a comedy show and thinks we should “believe all women except Amber Heard”.

While discussing cancel culture, the comedian brought up the “new rules” for sleeping with people on stage in London at the start of his Ego Death tour and the subject of Heard came up.

As reported by LADBible, Rock said:

“Even if we start f*****g, you want that s**t rough, you got to ask for it,”

He then stressed how important is it to “Believe all women…except Amber Heard,”, he continued:

“What the f**k is she on? She sh*t in his bed! She’s fine, but she’s not s******g fine. … She sh*t in his bed. Once you sh*t in someone’s bed you just guilty of everything. … What the f**k is going on there? And they had a relationship after that. It must be amazing p***y. … I’ve been with some crazy b*****s but goddamnit.”

The audience was expecting the Will Smith Oscars incident to get brought up at the show, but instead Rock opted for what most of us are talking about right now, Depp’s defamation case against his ex-wife, which will resume this week in Fairfax.


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