CNN Anchor Breaks Down after Interviewing Ukrainian Man Describing how he Discovered his Wife and Children were Killed


Erin Burnett, an anchor on CNN, was brought to tears when interviewing a Ukrainian man describing how he lost his family in a shelling during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

During an interview on Wednesday 16th March, the CNN anchor interviewed Serhiy Perebyinis who tragically discovered he had lost both his wife and two children on Twitter.

“I saw a photo on twitter and i recognized my children.”

In a previous interview with the New York Times, Perebyinis explained that he had been away taking care of his sick mother in eastern Ukraine. His wife Tetiana had tried to flee to safety with their children.

The night before her death, the man had managed to get in touch with his wife, speaking about a possible evacuation, which would sadly be there last conversation.

“That was the day when already there was no water, electricity, gas, and we discussed — I spoke to her at 10 p.m., even though at that point there was no connectivity either. But I managed to get through and had a discussion about potential evacuation,”

“At the last moment however, the convoy she was planning to travel with was shelled at and fired at. And then she came on foot to the bridge, trying to make an escape on foot.”

When the anchor asked about his children, Burnett welled up into tears. Perebyinis described his children as “normal, cheerful children.” His son Mykita was studying programming at university and his daughter Alisa was only nine-years-old, saying “she liked dancing, painting. She studied English,”

When asked about his wife, Perebyinis said:

“She was a very cheerful person, she was the financial director of a large American company,”

“We spent lots of time together as a family.”

The CNN anchor shared her condolences, overwhelmed with emotion, saying:

“Serhiy, as a parent, any person around the world can’t imagine your unbearable loss, above all losing your children.”

Watch the CNN interview below:

Absolutely heartbreaking. RIP Tetiana, Mykita and Alisa.


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