Colin Kaepernick Urges NFL Teams to Work Him Out: My Talent ‘Will Speak For Itself’


Colin Kaepernick is urging NFL teams to give him a tryout, believing his talent is so obvious that coaches and GMs will want to sign him immediately.

The 34-year-old quarterback made the claim following another one of his publicized workouts, saying:

Kaepernick has been putting his skills on display recently – stopping by major cities all over the U.S., working out with college stars to show he still has the skills it takes to play in the NFL.

He got in a training sesh with Seahawks wideout Aaron Fuller and onlookers say the former 49ers star (who hasn’t played since the 2016 season) looked strong once again.

The offseason lasts another 5 or so months, leaving plenty of time for Kaepernick to get in front of a team still.

The only question is, which team is willing to give him a chance?


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