Company Will Pay You $1,000 To Binge Watch Every Episode Of Grey’s Anatomy


If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fanatic, I’ve got some good news for you.

One company is paying $1,000 to a fan who will sit and binge watch the show in its entirety.

Oh, and there are 380 episodes, in case you were wondering.

Company NiceRx is paying a successful applicant if they can point out whether Meredith Grey or Miranda Bailey saved more lives over the course of the iconic series.

 “So, if the thought of getting paid to spend a summer curled up on the sofa with the staff at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital sounds like a dream come true, apply now, and tell us why you fit the bill!

“To enter, all you need to do is explain in 200 words why you feel you’re America’s biggest Grey’s Anatomy fan.”

You can apply here.


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