Conspiracy Theorists Claim Chris Rock Wore a Cheek Pad Before Will Smith Slapped Him


Conspiracy theorists online are claiming that Chris Rock wore a cheek pad before Will Smith Slapped him.

Will Smith very publicly slapped Chris Rock after the comedian compared Will’s Wife, Jada Pinkett Smith to G.I Jane, which was highly inappropriate and insensitive as Jada has been very open about her hair loss journey due to alopecia.

Some eagle eyed viewer has noticed something fishy, however, and tweeted:

‘in 8k quality you can see a pad on chris rocks cheek, yeah conspiracy theorists gonna go crazy with this one’

However, others were quick to point out it’s almost certainly a photoshop.

Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor thanks to his amazing performance in King Richard but that was overshadowed by the physical altercation with Rock, which happened moments before.

Many have been debating online whether the slap was real or staged, however this image has really thrown some people:

“The most expensive slap turned out to be part of the script shocking yall ain’t think about how he didn’t get fined and 20minutes later he won a #oscar,”

“And he’s also leaning in and gritting his teeth to take it.”

“Hate to be a conspiracy theorist but…”

However, some were not convinced:

“It’s funny tho, Cus this isn’t an 8K quality image. Nor will it ever be an 8K quality image, Cus not only is Twitter only capable of posing in barely HD, there’s not a single smartphone out there with a screen resolution of 8K. Try again,”

Watch the altercation below:

The plot thickens…


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