Construction Manager Says Male Co-Workers Don’t Take Her Seriously Because Of Her Looks


Men can be terrible at times, let’s be honest.

A female construction manager has opened up about the problems she faces as a woman in the construction industry.

Autumn Westfall, a Project Manager, from Macomb, Michigan, made a TikTok about her experiences.

She said:

“Until you are a woman in a power position steps into a male-dominated industry then you might as well be carrying around a tray with coffee and snacks,” she said.

“Pretty privilege actually becomes nearly the opposite, at least in my experience.”

“So I swear the logic is if you are pretty you have nice hair you have your makeup done you have a nice outfit you possibly could not be in a power position or have any intelligence whatsoever.

I work in construction but I'm so good looking no-one ever takes me seriously – they think I'm the tea girl

“So for me personally I work in construction management on multimillion-dollar jobs and I can’t tell you how fun it is to have my emails ignored and people literally talk to my male co-worker and just act like I am there to serve them.”

“So yes, while pretty privilege is a thing, it can be switched in the opposite direction.”

Autumn gave us some words to live by: “Basic respect is expected across the board, no matter what you look like.”


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