Costco Worker Sparks Debate After Sharing Her Hourly Wage


A Costco worker has sparked a huge debate online after revealing how much she’s paid.

The worker revealed she’s paid $29.50 per hour, and many are arguing how she’s paid so much for working Costco when emergency workers are paid less.


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The caption read:

“When you make $29.50 just to draw smiley faces on receipts.”

Some of the comments read:

“I’m out here saving lives and you’re putting smiley faces on paper AND we have the same pay…

TikToker @lilyleia jumped to her defense.

“What’s crazy to me is that this happens so often when people in certain fields – they think they should be making way more than people working in like easier jobs, like retail or food service or whatever.

“They always b***h about how those people should be making less.”

“If you think that it’s unfair that you and this person make the same pay, maybe you should be upset with your employer, instead of a working class person.


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