Country Legends tell Jason Alden to Ignore Critics of His Controversial Video


Country music icons Pat Boone and Travis Tritt have rallied in support of fellow singer Jason Aldean amid the controversy surrounding his recent hit song, “Try That in a Small Town.” The song’s release last Friday drew sharp criticism for its combination of clips featuring Black Lives Matter protestors and lyrics promoting traditional values.

Pat Boone, an esteemed 89-year-old singer, expressed his disdain for the attempts to cancel Aldean, labeling them as “sick.” He further spoke out against those who oppose Americans defending their rights, emphasizing that even within the country, enemies may exist. Boone displayed a Colt-44 given to him by his grandfather as a symbol of self-defense.

Travis Tritt, a Grammy award-winning country singer, also defended Aldean on Twitter, urging him to disregard negative social media commentary. Tritt reminded Aldean that Twitter and social media platforms do not accurately represent the majority’s views in the country.

In the song’s opening lines, Aldean addresses provocative acts such as cursing out a cop or desecrating the flag, challenging individuals to “try that in a small town.” The music video received mixed reactions, with some perceiving the lyrics as dog-whistles meant to offend, while others viewed them as commentary on America’s divisions.

The hit takes aim at woke activists, particularly condemning the 2020 BLM protests and the associated riots that caused significant property damage. Aldean attributes the unrest to improper upbringing, suggesting that people in small towns are raised with better values.

The song features a line about a gun given to Aldean by his grandad, hinting that attempts to confiscate guns may not be well-received in small towns. The song concludes by paying tribute to Southern values and the camaraderie present in small communities.

Reactions to the song have been polarized, with some liberals viewing it as a far-right offense, while fans appreciate its adherence to traditional values. Aldean himself explained that the song was inspired by the unspoken rule of small towns, where people support and protect one another.

While some Twitter users praised Aldean’s focus on traditional values, others condemned him for his Republican views. Despite the varied opinions, Aldean’s song has sparked a heated debate, highlighting the ongoing divide in society over sensitive topics and the role of music in expressing such sentiments.


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