Couple Now ‘Stronger than Ever’ after Making Rule to Let Each Other Sleep with New People

A woman has shared that her relationship has grown even stronger after she and her boyfriend established a rule allowing each other to engage in romantic interactions with new individuals.

Zoe Grey, aged 31, crossed paths with her boyfriend Matt four and a half years ago through a social media conversation, connecting due to their shared hometown backgrounds.

Given Matt’s past experiences of being betrayed by his partners while he served in the military, he turned his encounters into a unique preference that he discussed with Zoe early on. Zoe elaborated: “He was forthright about this from the outset. I had the freedom to meet other men and enjoy experiences with them, as long as I documented them and shared these experiences with him.”

Zoe was “open-minded and willing to explore,” and once she became comfortable with the arrangement she recognized it was “something that both of us found exciting.” She added, “After a couple of months of engaging in this, I expressed to Matt that I also wanted to witness him with other women.”


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Initially, Matt was reportedly “taken aback” by Zoe’s desire to observe him with other women, as it was “unfamiliar territory for him” due to his past relationships. However, the couple mutually decided to embark on a fully open relationship and “enjoy experiences with other individuals.”

“It’s unlike any other relationship I’ve ever been in,” Zoe shared.

“Our trust in each other is profound. The ability to have interactions with other people eliminates concerns about infidelity, deception, and secrecy. The bond we share is incredibly strong, and our relationship is exceptionally solid.”

The couple began their journey by using a website that facilitated Zoe’s interactions with other men and later Matt’s interactions with other women. Eventually, they transitioned to attending clubs to meet potential partners.

Although Matt was initially “apprehensive when we first went to a club,” Zoe assured that they now possess “an extraordinary relationship and are happier than ever.”

“Nowadays, we mostly attend clubs and private events. We participate together at these events, and we don’t separate while we’re there,” Zoe explained.

To ensure mutual understanding, Zoe and Matt established some guidelines for meeting new partners. Zoe detailed: “When we initially began, we had a rule against kissing other people because it felt more intimate. However, this changed over time, and now we both are open to kissing others. Our primary rules now involve mutual attraction, safety, and practicing safe sex.”

Through opening their relationship, Zoe noted that she and Matt have become “even closer.”

“It’s wonderful. We’ve never experienced anything like this in a relationship before,” she expressed. “Certainly, there are moments of jealousy, which is only natural, but we communicate our feelings to each other and work through them. Communication is essential.”

The couple has faced “negative reactions” online due to their relationship choices, and some friends have questioned their love for each other because of it. However, Zoe clarified: “We know how well this arrangement suits us. We’re extremely content, and everyone we’ve encountered within this lifestyle is equally content with their choices. We’ve even formed lifelong friendships through this experience.”


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