Couple Sparks Debate for Charging Daughter Rent after She Decided Not to Go to College

Couple Sparks Debate for Charging Daughter Rent after She Decided Not to Go to College

In the vast world of social media, parenting choices are often under the microscope, and a Texas couple, Erika and Cody Archie, recently ignited a heated online debate after revealing their decision to charge their 19-year-old daughter rent. The twist? She had chosen not to pursue a college education.

With nearly a million followers on TikTok, the Archies turned to their audience to gauge opinions on their unconventional parenting approach. In a video, Erika posed the question, “Can you all tell us, do you make your graduated high school student pay rent in your house if they don’t go to college yet, tell us what you think?” Cody chimed in, expressing his stance, “What are your thoughts on that? My thought is and our thought together is since she has graduated a couple weeks ago, I told her and I have been telling [our daughter Kylee Deason] for the last couple of months, June 1st your rent is due if you are going to continue to live here.”


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Amidst laughter, Erika suggested a bit of leniency, acknowledging the potential harshness of the decision. Cody, however, held firm, outlining the financial terms. Kylee was to pay $200 a month for rent, with an additional $100 for access to the household’s food resources.

The revelation prompted a swift and diverse array of reactions from the online community. One user expressed a vehement disagreement, stating, “A definite no for me. I know it’s rare, but I will forever help my kids, no matter the age.” Another shared a personal perspective, emphasizing the desire to provide a more extended period of familial support, saying, “Naa because I didn’t get to enjoy a childhood or a normal family home life so she can stay until she’s 40 for all I care.”

A 20-year-old user, currently living rent-free with parents, voiced confusion, questioning the logic behind taking money that could aid their departure. Another user emphatically rejected the idea, exclaiming, “No, no, no, they are your children, my gosh that’s awful.”

Conversely, some users commended the Archies for what they viewed as a valuable life lesson. One person shared a personal experience, revealing, “My parents gave me about 6 months before charging rent. It helped me learn to manage my money better. They gave it back to me when I moved out.” Another supporter of the concept added, “Our rule is if you are in full-time education our home is free, but otherwise rent happens.”

The Archies’ decision to charge rent to their daughter has undeniably sparked a virtual dialogue on the dynamics of parenting, financial responsibility, and the boundaries between familial support and the realities of adult life. As the debate rages on, the couple remains steadfast in their belief that their approach instills valuable lessons about financial independence.


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