Court Shown Video Of Police’s Disturbing Discovery During Jeffrey Epstein Raid


As the trial as Ghislaine Maxwell comes to a close, the prosecution and defense have lodged their closing arguments.

The prosecution focused on Maxwell’s relationship with Maxwell in their arguments.

Prosecutor Alison Moe said:

“Maxwell and Epstein were a wealthy couple who used their privilege to prey on kids from struggling families. The way that they selected these girls tells you that they were targeting vulnerable kids. It is not an accident that Jane and Kate and Annie and Carolyn all came from single-mother households.”

The defense argued:

“She’s being tried here for being with Jeffrey Epstein, and maybe that was the biggest mistake of her life, but it was not a crime,”

The court was also shown a video of a police raid on Epstein’s Palm Beach property in 2005, where they made a number of disturbing finds.

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Palm Beach officers found a number of sex toys, naked pictures of girls and women, including Maxwell, and massage tables where Epstein allegedly assaulted his victims.

The verdict is expected later this week.


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