Dad Divides Internet after Using Leash to Take His 5-Year-Old Quintuplets for a Walk


A father of quintuplets has sparked a lively debate on social media with his parenting choices. Jordan Driskell, 31, and his wife Brianna, 34, share their busy life raising their five young children: Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin. The couple had struggled with infertility before welcoming their quintuplets.

As a way of managing errands with his brood, Driskell shared a video of himself using child leashes while walking with his children. In the caption, he defended his choice against those who opposed the use of such equipment. However, the video drew criticism from some followers who felt that he was treating his children like dogs.

Many expressed their disapproval in the comment section, with one user stating, “Those are human beings, not dogs! This is disgraceful!” Another disappointed commenter simply asked, “Animals?” Some also disagreed with the choice of song and felt that the children did not appear happy.

Despite the backlash, there were many who came to Driskell’s defense, supporting his decision to use leashes for the safety of his children. Some acknowledged that managing multiple curious young children could be challenging and that safety was paramount. Others commended him for being a responsible father and ensuring his children’s well-being.

Some parents shared their own experiences, emphasizing that different children require different approaches. They argued that as parents, they know what is best for their kids and should not be judged by internet strangers.

While there are no specific rules against leashing children in the US, some pediatricians have raised concerns about the practice. One doctor mentioned safety risks like entanglement or choking and discouraged using leashes for children.

The debate continues, with opinions divided on whether using a leash for multiple young children is a responsible safety measure or an inappropriate treatment of kids. Ultimately, each family must make the best decisions for their children based on their unique circumstances and needs.


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