‘Daddy Privilege’ Is A Real Thing And A Mom Just Proved It In Viral TikTok


A mom is being hailed on TikTok after making everyone on the internet aware of ‘daddy privilege’ and how it’s an actual thing.

Chloe Sexton (@chloebluffcakes) has over ONE MILLION likes on her daddy privilege video on the platform, for highlighting that moms are expected to do the vast majority when it comes to parenting, and they seldom get praised for it, but when a dad does the bare minimum he seems to.

Chloe says:

“He’s not a hero. He’s a just father, just a parent, doing the same stuff I do every week.”

Check out the video below:


It’s the daddy hero treatment for me ?

? original sound – Chloe

Well, there it is. Daddy privilege.



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