Dave Chappelle Returns To Netflix After Being ‘Canceled’


Netflix has announced that Dave Chappelle will be back on the streaming platform, months after being ‘canceled’.

The controversial comedian will open Netflix’s inaugural comedy festival at Hollywood Bowl with his show Dave Chappelle and Friends, despite the uproar around his recent special The Closer.

Meanwhile, a former Netflix employee has called Dave Chappelle out and challenged him to donate cash to a trans charity.

Terra Field, an engineer, was suspended by Netflix for crashing a private meeting about Chappelle’s controversial comedy special, The Closer.

Field has now taken to twitter to encourage Chappelle to make a sizable donation on Giving Tuesday.

She wrote:

“I’d again like to suggest folks donate to my fundraiser for @EquitasHealth which does great work for trans people in the state of Ohio. Also, what a great day it would be for @DaveChappelle to make a sizable donation to them!”

Speaking about the call-out to Daily Beast, she said:

“I’ve publicly called on Dave Chappelle to make a sizable donation in his name to Equitas Health. Since he cares so much about trans people and cares so much about Ohio and he’s such an ally to trans people, it just seems like it would make sense for him to make a donation. It’s a natural match.”

No word yet on whether Chappelle will donate.


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