Dolph Lundgren Marries 27-Year-Old Fiancée after being given 3 Years to Live


Action star Dolph Lundgren has recently tied the knot with his 27-year-old fiancé, Emma Krokdal, in a beautiful ceremony in Mykonos, Greece.

The wedding marks a significant moment for the couple, as they had to face numerous challenges, including Dolph’s battle with cancer.

Lundgren, best known for his iconic role as the villain in the fourth Rocky film, revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago when doctors discovered a tumor in his kidney. After undergoing surgery to remove the tumors, he experienced a period of apparent recovery. However, in 2020, he began to suffer from acid reflux, leading to an MRI that unveiled more tumors in his abdominal area.

Speaking candidly on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Lundgren shared his journey of facing the devastating news of more tumors, including one in his liver that was too large to be surgically removed. Forced to undergo systemic therapy, he faced challenging side effects like weight loss and diarrhea.

During this difficult time, Lundgren had committed to work on Expendables 4 and the Aquaman sequel, scheduled to be filmed in London. He was determined to continue his work but sought a second opinion from Dr. Alexandra Drakakai, who identified a mutation in one of the growths common among lung cancer patients. This discovery allowed specialists to explore different treatment options, leading to a notable reduction in the size of the tumors within three months.

Despite the grim initial prognosis, Lundgren remains positive and grateful for the fulfilling life he has lived. Reflecting on his journey, he appreciates the opportunity to have experienced a truly fulfilling life.

Now, with the wedding celebration in Mykonos, the couple is embracing a new chapter together, cherishing the moments they have and hopeful for the future. Lundgren is determined to continue his fight against cancer and is optimistic that the current medication will suppress any remaining cancer activity.

Their wedding in Mykonos signifies a significant milestone for the couple, who have faced hardships together. With hope and determination, they are embarking on a journey of love and strength, embracing each moment as they build their future together.


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