Donald Trump Suggests Alec Baldwin May Have Deliberately Shot Crew Members


Donald Trump has launched a huge rant about Alec Baldiwn in the wake of the the tragedy that took the life of cinematographer Halyana Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza.

Baldwin was handed a prop gun on the set of movie Rust that was loaded live rounds, and accidentally fired at Hutchins.

Trump has since spoken about the tragedy, and has suggested Baldwin may have deliberately shot the crew members.

“He’s a troubled guy,” said Trump during an interview with Chris Stigall.

“There’s something wrong with him. I’ve watched him for years. He gets into fistfights with reporters. Look, I don’t like reporters. I like some, some are great, some are talented, but you don’t get into fistfights. I mean, everything he does, he’s a volatile guy. He’s a nutjob.”

“If they handed me a gun, I would never point it at somebody and shoot it, you know,” Mr Trump said. “I don’t care about checking the gun, you know, you can look at [it] any which way […] It’s not even like an actress that’s on set with you, this was a cinematographer, so that means he took the gun and pointed it at a cinematographer, pulled the trigger and she was dead. It’s weird.”

“I think just by natural [instinct]… I think I would have pointed it up in the air, but you can also look to see if it’s loaded. But who would take a gun and point it at a cinematographer and pull the trigger, and she’s dead.”

“Maybe he loaded it. There’s something wrong with him, he’s a sick guy.”

Here’s the full interview:


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