DoorDash Driver Sparks Debate after Sharing Consequence for Declining Low-Paying Order


A DoorDash driver has sparked a debate online after sharing consequences for declining a low-paying order.

TikTok user Cyn aka @swizzlebalarkey claims to drive for the delivery service. She has posted many videos to her account about the service, one of which shows a customer that paid $ 9.14 for one item to be delivered to their house. An ice tea, which would have cost $1.69… Watch below:


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Cyn posted a video on April 13 showing what she claims happens to drivers that turn down low-paying food orders.

The driver shows a screenshot from a DoorDash account, which warns her that if the order is declined, her acceptance rate would suffer.

The app also allegedly warns that in order to keep “Top Dasher” status, which allows special privileges and rewards the most reliable drivers, her delivery rate had to stay above 70%.

The TikToker was baffled by the companies motives, questioning why DoorDash would threaten their employees status’ instead of encouraging them to accept low-paying orders.

Watch below:


Oh no my TD status is ruined. Jk never been a TD ? #doordash #dasher #fooddelivery #gigwork #ubereats #grubhub

? Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Many shared their thoughts in the comments:

‘Guess i’ll never be a top dasher because i refuse to accept anything that isn’t paying me a minimum of $1 per mile,’

‘We shouldn’t get penalized for declining orders,’

‘Get a real job’

‘I won’t drive 8 miles for a $3.50 mcDonald’s order.’

Cyn question why the company wouldn’t “just raise the pay.”

Do you agree?


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