Dylan Mulvaney Shares Heartwarming Post as She Celebrates 500 Days of ‘Being a Girl’


Dylan Mulvaney joyfully celebrated her ‘500 days of being a girl’ with a heartwarming TikTok video while vacationing in France.

In the video, she exudes excitement, bouncing on an inflatable and enjoying the company of her two friends.

The scenic backdrop of crystal-clear ocean waters and her stylish white-rimmed sunglasses add to the cheerful atmosphere of the clip.

Reflecting on her journey, Dylan explained that this milestone was a dedication to her younger self, who couldn’t fully experience such joyful moments due to the challenges she faced. She emphasized her commitment to persevere and be protective of herself, as her path to self-discovery and acceptance unfolded.

“Day 500 is dedicated to my younger self who didn’t get to celebrate so many awesome discoveries because I was just hoping to get by,” she shared. Furthermore, she made it clear that her journey as a woman began long before the official count of 500 days, expressing that she has always identified as a woman.


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Dylan’s transition involved hormone therapy, a significant aspect of her transformation from male to female. She described the process, which involves injections to block testosterone and increase estrogen, as beautiful and transformative. Watching her body change has been a profound and emotional experience for her.

Amidst the celebrations, Dylan also opened up about her recent struggles, including the ‘Bud Light controversy.’ She shared her mental challenges and the growth she has experienced since reaching the 365-day mark of her journey. Making content that genuinely represents her trans joy has come with its fair share of trauma and struggles, leading her to make decisions to protect her overall well-being. While she is content with her choices, she acknowledged that not pursuing her passions fully has been bittersweet.

The controversy involving Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has also been a backdrop to Dylan’s journey. The company announced a workforce reduction of 2%, and Dylan candidly addressed the unsettling impact it had on her thoughts about success, beauty, and staying true to herself.

Despite the challenges, Dylan remains resilient and optimistic, celebrating her 500 days of being a girl with grace and joy. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, and her authenticity in sharing her experiences continues to resonate with her followers. As she embraces the milestones and challenges ahead, Dylan’s determination to embrace her identity and find happiness shines brightly, leaving a lasting impact on those who follow her journey.


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