Elliot Page’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Character to Come Out as Trans


Elliot Page’s character in ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ will come out as transgender in the next season.

The most recent season ended in July 2020 and later that same year the 35-year-old came out as Transgender.

Page has now broke the news that his character, at the time known as Vanya Hargreeves the superheroic violinist, will now become Viktor.

See below:

When we last saw the Umbrella Academy team, they had time travelled back to the 1960s in order to save the world from the apocalyptic craziness they had unleashed in the first season.

Netflix also welcomed Viktor with open arms:

The 34-year-old actor, who has starred in Juno and alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, recently shared a dashing photo suited-up in Gucci on his way to the Oscars on Sunday:

The Umbrella Academy’s third season will be released on Netflix on June 22.


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