Elon Musk Answers Why He Didn’t Spend $44 Billion on Charity


Elon Musk has answered the question that so many people have been asking since he bought Twitter for $44 billion instead of giving that money to charity.

The billionaire reached an agreement with Twitter execs last month after saying he wanted to make Twitter ‘better than ever’ and a safe place for ‘free speech’.

The rather lavish purchase caused much debate online as the Tesla CEO spent an enormous $44 billion on the platform and many people argued that his money could have been more useful elsewhere.

One person commented:

‘Musk could easily help people using $44 billion. Instead he bought Twitter. He could easily save dozens of lives by donating some of that money to charity, or to help solve world hunger. But nope, he bought Twitter for funsies. I’m not a fan of Elon Musk. Not in the slightest.’

Entertainment Tonight broached the subject with the genius when he appeared on the red carpet at New York’s Met Gala yesterday (2 May).

He responded:

“Well I do do a lot of things philanthropically and really my companies are intended to do good for the future of humanity.”

“Aspirationally, i am trying to do good for…humanity and the future of civilisation”

Watch below:

When the interviewer asked how he found the time to go to the Met Gala, considering he has so many plates to juggle, he said his Mom wanted to come and so he brought her.

Thats is pretty sweet, i guess…


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